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Our Luxury Gluten-Free Brownie Recipe

How We Create Our Indulgent Brownies

The single most important ingredient in our brownies is the chocolate.

Single-origin chocolate is known for its exceptional flavour and character, which is the reason we decided to create delectable brownies using this incredible ingredient. It’s one of the reasons our brownies have such a unique flavour with a velvety texture.

The heat from baking invigorates and amplifies the intricacy and intensity of the single-origin chocolate, pushing the complexity of the flavour and heightening individual character, resulting in a bolder and brighter brownie which is difficult to resist.

The Single-Origin Chocolate

We chose two kinds of single-origin chocolate for our brownies, Madagascan and Colombian, both of which exhibit unique flavour characteristics due to the terrior (natural environment, weather and soil conditions) of the distinct regions within the country in which they are grown. Everyone understands terrior in relation to grapes and wine or coffee beans, well this is the same for cacao too. The terroir will impact the flavour of the cacao at each harvest.

The Madagascan chocolate takes cacao from the Sambirano forests off the northwest coast and exhibits beautiful red fruit notes and a warming acidity resulting in an intense brownie with a buttery finish.

The Colombian chocolate is seriously dark with an extraordinary floral, smoky edge. The cacao is grown and harvested under the canopy of the tropical forests of Tumaco.

Our Ingredients

We strive to select only the finest possible ingredients, and that commitment doesn’t just stop at our finely sourced chocolate

  • Our eggs are always fresh and free range, and each ten-piece slab contains two whole eggs, which creates great texture and richness.
  • The butter we use is always unsalted to allow us to add just the right amount of sea salt pre-bake. This really enhances and heightens the character of the cacao in the finished product.
  • The sea salt itself is Guerande coarse sea salt, harvested by hand from the salt marshes of Southern Brittany. You can taste the salt in little peaks of sea salted savouriness as you eat.
  • Traditional brownie recipes list white sugar; processed to remove molasses, resulting in a bland flavourless sugar. We select an unrefined light soft brown sugar; the brownies are given a delicate caramel note which is gentle enough to ensure that the all-important chocolate remains centre stage.

Naturally Gluten-Free Brownies

The flour is a blend of non-gluten ingredients, containing rice, potato, tapioca, maize, and buckwheat. In the early baking trials, we started out by baking with both gluten and non-gluten flour.

We were so struck by the improved rich, silky texture of the brownies baked with gluten free flour that we decided to bake without gluten, which means that more people can enjoy our brownies!

A Superior Brownie

Our luxury brownie recipe includes a superior level of chocolate, greater than the average brownie. The balance of chocolate and sugar is key, too little chocolate or cacao mass and too much sugar results in an overly sweet brownie with very little cacao and little flavour. Too much chocolate and the brownie can be too dry and firm.

Getting the balance just right means that the brownie is chocolate rich whilst retaining the tenderness contributed by the sugar. The cacao mass content of the chocolate is 70% to 100%, this variation is adjusted in the recipe to suit each bake to ensure consistent results.