Chocolate Brownie Delivery

B is For Brownie

At B is For Brownie, we bake luxury, handmade dark chocolate brownies that are delivered straight to your door. We use only the very finest in single-origin chocolate sourced from Madagascar and Colombia.

We have an outstanding range of classic favourites which we’ve developed to bring out the ever-evolving flavour-profiles of the single-origin chocolate. We also develop delicious limited-time flavours season-by-season.

Luxury Brownies Delivered

Our luxury brownies are baked, wrapped, and posted to your door with love and care. We have carefully selected range of flavours – each of which are rich, dense, and intensely decadent.

In addition to using only the very best single-origin Colombian and Madagascan chocolate, we use a range of naturally gluten-free ingredients for our recipe, which offers outstanding depth of flavour without compromise.

Our Story

B is for Brownie was launched in the summer of 2015, by passionate foodie and our Head Brownie Baker Lou Cox.

Our mission from the beginning was to develop our very own luxury, grown-up brownie that not only tasted fantastic, but provided you with a chocolate experience you’d remember!

All of our chocolate brownies are baked using our unique recipe and uniquely flavourful single-origin Madagascan chocolate from the Sambirano forests and Colombian chocolate from Tumaco.

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