Our Story

In 2015, B is For Brownie was launched by our Founder, passionate foodie and Head Brownie Baker Lou Cox.

Lou’s idea was to take the flavours of the fine, world-class chocolate she had been working with during her time at Hotel Chocolat and create a grown-up, flavourful brownie for those looking for something a little different.

During early baking trials, we tried various flavour and ingredient combinations, including both gluten-containing and gluten-free flour mixtures, and we were blown away by the perfect texture and rich finish of the brownies made with gluten-free flour.

Even from those early bakes, we’ve been committed to using only the finest possible ingredients from the single-source chocolate to the free-range eggs.

Brownies Right to Your Door

All of our brownies are baked with our signature gluten-free flour recipe and incredibly flavourful single-origin chocolate sourced from the forests of Madagascar and Colombia.

The single-forest cacao plants used to make the chocolate are highly susceptible to changes in environment and weather conditions, which means that each cacao harvest will result in subtle flavour changes in the chocolate which makes our brownies all the more exciting!

We have an outstanding range of timeless favourites which we’ve perfected to bring out the ever-developing flavours of the single-origin chocolate, but we also create wonderful limited-time flavours too.

Our Reviews

Some recent reviews from Trustpilot 4.9/5.0 and 200+

Absolutely delicious brownies
Absolutely delicious brownies, arrived just in time for Christmas. I’m a fan of dark chocolate so it’s nice to see quality dark chocolate delivered in the form of this heavenly brownie. Served with vanilla ice cream this is a delicious and decadent treat which is perfect for the festive season. I’ll have to work this off at the gym in January, but this is worth it. Thank you for putting love into your brownies!

Date of experience: 25 December 2022

B is for Brilliant
Fantastic service. Very informative website/social media accounts. I felt like I knew exactly what I was going to receive and I wasn’t disappointed.
This order is a gift for a friend but looks so tempting to eat !!
I am very sure I will be ordering again soon.

Date of experience: 29 November 2022

Sublime brownies
The brownies were delicious, gooey as brownies should be, you could smell the chocolate, and the sea salt caramel was sublime, would definitely order again, …I have previously got brownies from another well named brand and they were more like a biscuit, however these brownies were proper brownies should be.

Date of experience: 19 February 2022