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We love food; whether that’s making it, eating it, or sharing it – and we love to talk about it too. In our blog, we’ll be talking about our journey, fantastic recipes, and everything in between.

  • A Guide to Single-Origin Chocolate
    Anyone who has any kind of relationship with chocolate, will certainly have noticed a change in the kinds of chocolate products marketed to the consumer. These days, nestled among the chunky brand-named bars, are a range of artisanal, high percentage luxury chocolate bars. The worth of a bar of chocolate is no longer solely about… Read more: A Guide to Single-Origin Chocolate
  • Rutland Luxury Brownie Baker Unveils Brand New Vegan Treat
    B is For Brownie adds single origin chocolate vegan brownie to its growing product range. B is For Brownie is renowned for their use of luxury single-origin chocolate in their recipes, and to the delight of the vegan community – who up until now, could only stare longingly at pictures on B is For Brownie’s… Read more: Rutland Luxury Brownie Baker Unveils Brand New Vegan Treat
  • The B is For Brownie Story
    Back in 2015, B is For Brownie took its first steps as a new business, thanks to the passion and boundless enthusiasm of Founder and Head Brownie Baker Lou Cox. Lou had been working closely with fine, luxury chocolate during her time at Hotel Chocolat, and came up with the idea of creating an incredibly… Read more: The B is For Brownie Story
  • Hot Chocolate 3 Ways
    I have to say that on the rare occassion that I drink hot chocolate I usually reach for the jarred variety and add a slug of whole milk to add richness and somehow lessen the guilt over my poor choice of “cheating” hot beverage. But eventually enough is enough & you have to take a stand & make… Read more: Hot Chocolate 3 Ways
  • Baking the Blondie
    So you may think that a Blondie is just a white chocolate brownie (minus dark chocolate or cocoa powder). I actually found it trickier to produce a good recipe for a Blondie then I did for my Brownie. The simplest way to describe a Blondie is that it is…
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