My foodie thoughts

I love food, making it, eating it and looking at it, so I write about it too. Any foodie related topic will do, whatever is in my head usually. I'm starting out with My Big Brownie Experiment and will move on from there, I hope you enjoy it.
Hot Chocolate 3 Ways
I have to say that on the rare occassion that I drink hot chocolate I usually reach for the jarred variety and add a slug of whole milk to add richness and somehow lessen the guilt over my poor choice of “cheating” hot beverage. But eventually enough is enough & you have to take a stand & make something that you yourself could...
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Well it’s been a while since I last wrote one of these, but I am bursting to share something. I did something this week which I had thought I would never do and now I am so pleased that I have! I purchased a new toy and some cocoa beans and set to work. I had to work a little creatively but I am amazed that my first attempt produced something...
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My Big Brownie Experiment
I’ve done it! My brownie shop is open for business. I’ve baked and photographed and wrapped and written, a brilliant challenge. It all began in October last year, it was quite late one night when I was taken by an urge to bake. I always keep a ‘mental’ list in my head of my next bake and that night it was the turn of the chocolate brownie. Strange...
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The Ingredients
The single most important ingredient in these brownies is the chocolate. You can buy a bar of single origin chocolate for its exceptional flavour and character so I thought why not have a brownie that can deliver the same exceptional flavour with a velvety mouthfeel. In addition, the heat from baking appears to refresh and amplify the complexity and...
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