B is for Brownie

Dark, dense and intensely good. Handmade brownies baked with single origin chocolate from Madagascar and Colombia. All baked to a gluten free recipe. Eat better brownies.

B for BrowniesIt all began one night when I was taken by an urge to bake a brownie, the very best brownie that I could bake… Handmade and baked to order using only the finest Madagascan or Colombian single origin chocolate, creating brownies with exceptional flavour and a velvety feel.

All recipes are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. All brownie recipes are developed by me, and taste tested again and again to get them just right. To find out more please visit my blog page.

Baking to order

F is for fresh

Order your single origin chocolate brownies online and I will personally bake, cut and wrap and post to ensure that you receive the very best chocolate brownies possible. Every half kilo slab of chocolate brownies is handmade to my very own gluten free recipe and each slab contains a very generous quantity of fine single origin chocolate.

Brownie slabs are lovingly hand wrapped in luxury 'B is for Brownie' gift wrap and ribbon. You may provide a personal message which I will hand write onto a card packed with your gift.

If you require a greater quantity of brownies for an event or special occasion please email me at hello@bisforbrownie.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.
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The Salt Roasted Peanut & Butterscotch Brownie – serves 10
The Salt Roasted Peanut & Butterscotch Brownie – serves 10
Single origin Colombian chocolate brownie is the perfect host to a scattering of crunchy roasted peanuts & puddles of buttery butterscotch. Simply baked using single origin chocolate with...

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Sea Salted Butterscotch Brownies – serves 10
Sea Salted Butterscotch Brownies – serves 10
Handmade creamy as sea salted butterscotch lends a sumptuous gooeyness, to this Colombian single origin dark chocolate brownie. Baked with cacao harvested from the tropical forests of Tumaco,...

£24.50 ORDER
Madagascan Brownies – serves 10
Madagascan Brownies – serves 10
Simply baked with single origin chocolate from cocoa harvested from the Sambirano forest of Madagascar. An intensely dense and velvety brownie with vibrant red wine notes, gentle acidity and...

£23.50 ORDER
Madagascan Collection Brownies- serves 10
Madagascan Collection Brownies- serves 10
A collection of super special flavours ….. sea salted butterscotch, Seville orange, Muscovado fudge, raspberry & hazelnut Gianduja all baked into my favourite single origin Madagascan...

£26.00 ORDER