Bake Your Own Madagascan Brownies


Capture your own taste of the Madagascan coastline, with this rich chocolate brownie mixture.

Bake your own Madagascan chocolate brownies with this mixture – simply add unsalted butter and eggs and bake.

The resulting brownies will be the richest, smoothest, gooiest brownies you’ve ever tried!


This product has been carefully packaged. We strive to ensure all deliveries made by Royal Mail arrive within four days.

Weight: Mix minimum weight is 325g. Finished brownie weight is 500g.

Delivery: Royal Mail

Delivery Cost: Price Includes Delivery Cost

Ingredients: 70% Madagascar chocolate, soft light brown sugar, cocoa powder, Dove’s gluten free plain flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat), sea salt. May contain nut & soybean traces.


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